Hey All,
It's Bill and Tammi here...
Did you get a chance to watch the DS video?
There's one thing we're noticing about DSD that's different
than any other company...
People making money using the product
within a few days.
Notice we said using the product...
We're not talking affiliate sales
We're talkin' just like you expect...
  1. use the product
  2. do the work
  3. make the sale
Read what Roger L (co-founder) wrote on Facebook...
Take a look from our Facebook group this week.
We could show you photo after photo...
Note: this is from using the PRO product, these are not affiliate sales with friends
or family. In fact, no one even needs to know you're doing this is you don't want
them too.
That's why folks are jumping on board. They're tired of waiting for months
for something to "kick in". 
They want quick results. They want to know that they can make $100 in
a couple days or $500 in a month....and then build from there.
This is real...and it works.
You don't have to be a marketer. In fact, this is perfect for anyone that's
tired of hype and ready for substance.
We made our first sale using the product by Day 3.
Powerful stuff.
There's 19 great training videos that walk you right through how to
create sales step by step.
For you parents out there: They are short and sweet videos, no long drawn
out hour long trainings. 3 -9 minutes in length!
Be prepared to be amazed!
Let us know if you have questions after you watch it here.
~Bill and Tammi
P.S. After you get started we'll add you the FAST growing group
in Facebook. You'll be able to celebrate others success as well as
share your own!


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